Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunshine projects...

Since the weather is cooperating  by being warm and sunny this weekend, I've opted to attack a project in the yard so I can take full advantage of both.

Ten  bags of cedar mulch, five 8-foot lengths of metal edging, three corner stakes.

You know the issues I've had with the hated Bermuda grass.  It's taken me a year, but I've pretty much ridden the garden area of the stuff.  Being insidious, once the stuff starts growing again the roots will creep into the cleared area and sprout up again, so I'm trying something new.

You also know how much I hate plastic, so I bought 4" metal edging that I can bury at ground level to hopefully block the roots.  If this doesn't work -- I give up!  There are stakes die-cut and attached at the ends that are supposed to 'snap off'.  Sure they do.  Not in this lifetime, for me.  But, since I'm going to bury them, I don't think I'll need the stakes.  Once I get the edging  buried, I'll lay cardboard over the exposed walkway areas and top with more cedar mulch.  I know I don't have enough edging for the entire garden, only two long sides, but once I see how it works and how difficult it is, I can go for more.  I think this will be enough for today.

I also bought some hardware cloth to use to make a more sturdy compost bin and if energy permits tomorrow I'll work on that.

The great news is that the weather today should reach the mid-sixties and that's something to look forward to.

Stay tuned!

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