Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is it spring yet?

On days like this and the forecast for the next few (62 on Saturday!), I long for spring more than ever. We all do.  Everybody is tired of the snow and cold.  I'm getting ready to work on my garden some this weekend -- even did a little prep work today.  I plan to stop at Lowe's tomorrow after work and get a bunch of cedar mulch, try to finish mulching all around these four beds.   The cover crop I planted here didn't work too well -- probably because of the excessive cold.  It's a winter crop, but not for the cold we had.  I raked the straw off and sprayed all the greenery with EcoSmart weed killer.  Should be done on a 'warm, sunny' day, but we had to settle for sunny.  I'll be happy just to weaken them.  My back porch is piled with cardboard boxes that are going to be laid down under the cedar, and that should keep the weeds in check.

My greens bed has been renewed!  I added various supplements, took out the old lettuce, chard and beets and planted new seeds for all.  The spinach was still doing great, so I left it, but put a little less straw on top.  Had to remove the storm window because while it protected the lettuce, it got too warm for some spinach that was under it.  Hopefully, by the time seedlings emerge the Reemay will keep them happy.

Found quite a few small  beets left in the ground -- in the oven as I write this, roasting for dinner.

Had a sort of busy day.  Started of by getting blood drawn for new tests (I want to see if my efforts of this past month result in improvement), went by our Gold's Gym to check it out, drove to Rockmart for milk and eggs, visited a local appliance store, finished another new story for my 'Tales' blog, then did the yard work.  Not a bad day's work.  I really want to join the gym -- it's inexpensive and I need and want the exercise.  Just can't do it alone, and I'm tired of the excess pounds.  Besides that, I really enjoy working out.

When I came back inside I found The Brat playing with this piece of rope (one of her favorite toys) and trying to fight her way into and then out of a plastic bag the EcoSmart had come in.  Silly kitten.
So, that's been my day.  It really feels good to be back outside, working in the yard.  So much better than working inside!

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