Saturday, January 29, 2011

A good day's work.... in the SUNSHINE!!

According to the weather channel it is 69 degrees outside right now! I could not swear to that, but I know it's warm and sunny and the house is warm with no gas in use.  Hallelujah!  I know it'll only last a couple of days, but right now a couple of days of sunshine is very welcome. 

Four solid work hours out in that sunshine (with a half hour lunch break that's not included), made good progress with my weekend's projects. 

First, I laid out the edging to make a straight line and be sure I had enough for this length.  Then, I cut a groove to mark the cut line.

Cut down the line with the shovel. It didn't need to be absolutely straight, I just wanted to be sure I ended up where I wanted to be at each end.  The cedar mulch covers the edge completely.

Used my hand trowel to trim the edge, then fit the edging into place.  After I got it all in place, I decided it was a little too deep, so went back and raised it a bit.  Not a lot, just enough that it'll keep roots from forming over it, too.  We hope.

A few cardboard boxes and four bags of cedar mulch later, this long (24') section is about finished.

Then, I unrolled the hardware cloth to lay it flat, hope to make it workable, then turned under both of the new beds in the rear.  I've added supplements lately, thought it would be good to get it turned under for the rain that's forecast on Monday.  This is how I've left it for today, folks. 

Tomorrow I'll work on the shorter section, although I won't be able to complete it because I need one 2' length to make it fit the space.  I guesstimated the distance when I made the purchase.  I also don't have enough cardboard to cover all the areas, but will use what I have, then scrounge more from work later on.

I think I may have created even more of a monster with The Brat -- let her out on the back porch and let her snoop around the back of the house for the last while I was out there.  She's been complaining since I made her come back inside with me. 

Oh, and I made my own version of Senate Bean Soup while all the rest happened.  Bought a bone-in shank slice of beef this morning, added onions and mushrooms (of course) and some flageolet beans I bought in Napa last year. Now, I have soup. Forgot the garlic -- dang it!

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