Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring awaits

Spring is springing in these parts, despite arctic vortexs and sub-zero temps in the recent past.

At the Cornell Bird Labs, the red-tailed hawks, Ezra and Big Red, are getting serious about re-building their nest. I captured Ezra this morning, although he didn't seem to be really doing anything. But, I can see that the nest bowl is more defined, and there's some greenery being added, presumably for softness. This bunch looks a lot like thyme (he brought it after this photo was taken). He is such a beautiful bird. I just love those fluffy white feathers, and the brown speckles here and there. Big Red, the mom, is bigger, redder (duh!) and has more speckles, doesn't seem to be quite as delicate as this fellow. Remember, in the bird world it's generally the male that is the more beautiful, splendiferous and gaudy. Eventually, all those spread-out twigs will be rearranged from the platform into a beautiful round nest, waiting for some eggs and fluffy white babies.

While you're at the Cornell site, click on the link on the 'Bird Cams' tab for the Kauai Albatross. Another adorable little chick, and birds most of us never see, since they spend most of their lives on the ocean.

Closer to home -- I went out to the garden awhile ago to grab some lunch makings, and a bluebird swooped down from somewhere, landed not far from me to grab a worm or insect for lunch before swooping away again. I absolutely love seeing these bluebirds every spring! They just make me smile all over. I probably won't miss a lot when I leave here, but I'll miss the bluebirds.

Daffodils and tulips are up out there and all around town. Yesterday, I spotted a few yellow heads bobbing, but in my yard there's nothing but green shoots yet.  Days have been sunny and relatively warm for the most part, but we have a couple of nights coming up forecast to be in the low 20's again.

Speaking of lunch -- today's 'experiment' proved to be a good one. I had a small can of solid albacore tuna (only kind I buy) and wanted to bump it up a bit. Out in the garden, the spinach I planted last fall is emerging from its subzero stunting and putting out new, if small, leaves, so I grabbed a bunch of that, a small leek, some newly-rising garlic chives. Minced the chives, shredded the spinach and sliced the leek, then mixed some sriracha with mayonnaise and added that to the mix with a little salt. Have to say, it was pretty good. Not all my experiments turn out that way. Last time I think I tried curry powder in the mayo, and while it wasn't awful, it's also not likely to be repeated.

Spring is a beautiful thing.

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