Saturday, February 15, 2014

One person can make a difference

Wisdom 2.0 began yesterday -- so looking forward to the next two full days of speakers and presentations. Three things stuck with me from last night's talks: First, from humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine, whose photos will knock your socks off:

'If you really want to grow, go looking for something that will change your mind.'

And from Vivienne Harr, a young (8, I believe) girl who started selling homemade lemonade in her front yard to raise money to stop worldwide child slavery:

'I have a Giveness, not a Business'

By the way -- that front yard lemonade stand has already raised over $1,000,000 for the purpose. After her impromptu appearance on-stage at last year's conference, where she had a booth pushing her lemonade, someone from Twitter asked if they could buy the lemonade for their offices. Someone else, I believe, offered financing. Now, it's being bottled in two flavors and continues to grow -- all because one little girl heard about childhood slavery on the TV, and told her parents she wanted to do something to help.

Never doubt that you can't do something to make a difference in the world merely because you're just one person.

I don't remember who said that, but it's a good take-away from the evening.

The link above takes you to both the live streaming page (when something's happening) and videos of each presentation, as well as presentations that weren't live-streamed because they took place in a different room.  Take a look! There were some technical issues last night that didn't happen last year -- no audio on streaming at first, then low audio. Choppy segues from speaker to speaker. Last year it ran like precision clockwork, and since this is, after all, largely sponsored by Bay Area tech firms, I expect it will all be ironed out by today. Worth watching, regardless. I can handle the glitches, since it's free and I'm particularly grateful to be able to have it at all.

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