Monday, February 17, 2014

Kudos to Le Creuset

I arrived home from the gym this morning to find a lovely present awaiting on my front porch. I knew it was coming, just didn't know when. What is it? A warranty replacement for a large Le Creuset dutch oven. The process has taken a few weeks, but well worth it, as replacement cost for this item is $280, much more than I could ever even think about spending these days.

I am a long-time Le Creuset fan -- bought my first ones back around 1976, bought this second bunch in the early 90's sometime. All of the originals plus a couple of the newer ones are gone (some from user error, I assume, although I've always been careful not to use high heat and the enamel cracked anyway). I never tried using the warranty before because frankly, I forgot all about it. It's a lifetime warranty, and when someone suggested I contact them because of the issues with this large pot, I thought it was worth a try. I have to say the process was painless (other than the $20 ship the pot to them). They couldn't have been nicer, no questions posed to me regarding possible user damage. Just a brand new replacement. Can't beat that. Now, I look forward to using it. Have really missed this pot because it's my go-to pot for so much.

Worked the chest and triceps today -- chest isn't burning, but triceps sure are, and that's a good thing. My muscles are not nearly as mushy as they were just a few weeks back when I started working them again. I do more, with heavier weights, all the time, and it all gets easier. So, success!

Great weather this week -- started yesterday or the day before. Sunny, in the sixties and even up into the 70s on Thursday. I can handle that! Love to go sit on my front steps and soak up the sun and heat, and get a little feline-love from the neighbor's cat.

Tried to find some L-theanine at Kroger and Rite-Aid here in town -- forget about it! Just a bit too esoteric for local folks, I guess. I can and will order some soon, but I wanted it now. Supposedly, a natural beta blocker. I take a beta-blocker, have for over 30 years, but it's gotten pricey. The docs say I could go off it, but when I do my heartbeat becomes too irregular and strong, and I don't like that. I take only a tiny amount, and if I can find a natural substitute, I'm willing to give it a try.

So -- that's my quiet day so far. Let's hope it stays quiet, and warms up nicely.

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