Friday, May 24, 2013

Photos from Austin

Finally got around to downloading the rest of the photos off the camera this morning, so here are the promised 'more' photos.

Meditation  hall. Floors here and other buildings are mahogany.

This trim around the sides of the meditation hall was taken from actual, ancient temple paintings in Burma. I assume they began with photos, but then the old, faded paintings were 'restored' by determining what the original colors would have been (presumably done by computer) then turned into wallpaper to use here. Every panel is different -- I just chose this one at random.

Part of the ceiling wallpaper, presumably produced in the same way that the side panels were. It's truly amazing to see all this at one time, in the room.

Detail of the Buddha and more wallpaper, other decor, in the meditation hall.

From the far end of the meditation hall walkway. Hall to the right, pagoda beyond, marble plaza between.

Inside the pagoda -- one carpet had been taken outside, but this was my last day and last opportunity to get a photo.
This Buddha is solid white marble, weighs two tons! The radiating lights behind change colors constantly.
Front  yard garden at the Austin Zen Center. Really a beautiful place!

I'm still not feeling up to par today, although after a long night of sleep and yet another early morning nap, I forced myself to pull up garlic (it was about to bloom, and past time), then slowly do a few other things. I'm just blah, and have a headache that developed yesterday and hasn't quit. And I don't get headaches, as a rule. I really think it has something to do with the mold in the walls of this house. I felt great until I was back here for awhile.

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