Friday, May 3, 2013

Appalachian Spring

My favorite, Nantahala River, although in the morning before it's 'turned on' for the day. It's dam-controlled and things get a bit more active with more water rushing through. Still, no matter how often I see it, there is that first sight each time that is always breathtaking.  I actually managed not to stop yesterday en route home, since I'd spent an  hour or so here the previous week. It was hard, though -- both my mind and seemingly, my car, really want to turn, to cross the bridge into a place where I've spent countless wonderful hours.

Hi, y'all. Yes, I'm back in what's generally considered to be the 'real world', although it seems less and less real to me all the time. I particularly noticed that last night when I got home and plugged in the computer. I found myself somewhat -- but not terribly -- interested in looking at any news sites, for example. Eventually, just to know if something important had happened during the week, I did look at a few to scan the headlines, but just couldn't drum up an iota of interest in any of it.

The retreat was wonderful -- but of course, I knew it would be. With Sayalay Susila teaching, it could not be anything less. And it was wonderful to see her again after almost two years. I'll eventually write more about it, over on Cintaspeaks, where it belongs. In the meantime, spring was bustin' out all over up at Southern Dharma, and as Aaron Copeland also noticed, springtime in the Appalachians is a thing of true beauty.

Some tree just beginning to leaf out.
And another.
If you sat and watched the trees, it seemed that you could actually see the leaves unfurl, turn fuller and greener by the minute.

These yellow iris appeared seemingly in moments -- but from one day to the next. By the following day, there were even more open. Wildflowers and perennials were bursting with color everywhere.

These ferns were unfolding by the hundreds, everywhere.
Only one of these blooming -- and I'm a sucker for bleeding hearts because they are so rampant in Oregon and Washington, and so beautiful massed in wooded areas.
Dogwood, of course. Last week it was cherry blossoms, this week, the property was scattered with white dogwood in full blossom.

Just beautiful! This is the road leading up to the main lodge. My room was in the 'attic', the peaked area at the top, in the corner to the right of the window. It wasn't really a room -- just a partitioned off 'cubby' with a curtain to pull across the front for privacy, but it was nice. The meditation hall is up the hill to the right of this photo.

More dogwood, and the lodge again.

And still more. I'm a southern gal, I love this stuff!

House was safe and sound once again when I arrived home. A bit cool here, still -- and me still without heat -- with some apparently heavy rains coming over the weekend. Flood warnings out for an area from here north. Lovely.

I now get to look ahead and plan for Austin, but not today. Today calls for laundry, shopping, other necessary chores.

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