Sunday, May 19, 2013

Moon over Austin

When I left the Pagoda last night I glanced up and saw the moon directly in line with the Pagoda top -- so I had to get the camera, of course! This one turned out surprisingly well, for hand held. It's times like this when I wish I had a tripod.

Looks like I'm going to leave Tuesday. I'm in no hurry -- have actually begun sleeping so well here that I want to just keep sleeping! I missed morning meditation so I could sleep for another hour today, and would have missed breakfast, but I thought someone might begin to worry about me if I did that.

Today, we're going into Austin where the monk teaches a Sunday class at a Zen center, then later in the afternoon there is an Abhidhamma class taught by the abbot, first in English, then in Burmese. I won't stay for the Burmese, of course.

I promised photos, so here are a few. The moon photo finally gave me some incentive to download from the camera.

This is the kuti I'm staying in. I've nicknamed it the Taj Mahal, because it's so luxurious.

Some of those 8000 pieces of trim that went on the Pagoda.
Hundreds of small bells on this topper -- lovely sound all the time, with the breezes.

Steps up to the Pagoda
Pagoda from parking lot. It's just amazing!

That's it for now. I hope to get some interior photos, but keep forgetting. The interiors of the Pagoda and meditation hall are just wonderful!

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