Monday, March 18, 2013


Tree down on South Main Street here in town (from Polk Fishwrap)
Well, we dodged another one this afternoon. Tornado, that is.

Somehow, I just didn't get rattled by this storm. Maybe I'm just tired of them, maybe I just didn't take it seriously, but maybe I was also watching the radar and tornado map and saw that the storm front line seemed to be breaking a bit, going just to the north and just to the south of  us. So I chilled out and didn't worry about it. May not have been good reasoning, but it sure saved me some stress!

Just reading the local news report, it looks as if the storm actually got just a tad too close for comfort -- but since I didn't know it at the time, there was nothing to freak out about. No tornado sirens wailing away. We had a short burst of hard, wind-drive rain, but then it was past. The power flickered, a few times, and the cable went off a couple of times for brief moments, but otherwise it didn't seem too bad.

Now, I see that lots of trees are down here in Cedartown -- many of them not all that far from here. Southern Floyd County (just to the north of us) was badly hit, and apparently the sweet little town of Cave Spring was also hit again. Severe damage at another little burg between here and Rome. Don't know if they were tornadoes or straight-line winds. There was golf-ball sized hail around, but none here -- at least not on my street. All in all, we got lucky once more.

I have to drive in to Rome (in Floyd County) tomorrow, and that should prove to be interesting. I have an appointment with the dermatologist -- fully expect more nasty zaps from  him, but thankfully none from the weather today.

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