Monday, March 4, 2013

New blog

I mentioned that I've been spending time deleting posts from this blog -- probably close to 400 so far, with no doubt more that can go the same way. It was too unwieldy -- too many subjects and all that.

I'm not likely to change that, actually -- I'll still rattle off whatever comes to mind here without doubt. What has changed is that I decided to begin a new blog strictly related to Buddhism, since that's one of my favorite subjects.  I've been quietly working away at it for a week or so, getting it to look the way I want it. Last night I started copying a few posts on the subject from this blog over to the new one -- salting the waters, so to speak, so that someone coming upon the blog for the first time would have more than one article to read and therefore might return and look for more. Only two are shown so far -- with others scheduled to publish tomorrow and the following day. That'll give me time and hopefully inspiration to write something new -- there's lots to write about, I just have to choose a place to start.

The new blog is named Cintā speaks. Cintā, you may or may not recall, is the Pali name given to me by Bhante Gunaratana as part of a ceremony at the Bhavana Society in August of 2011. It seems fitting to use it for this blog.

Check it out when you have a chance.  It's still a work in progress, but I let it go 'live' a few moments ago. We'll see what happens.

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