Sunday, March 24, 2013


Really, you just can't imagine how 'freeing' this is! Four boxes for Goodwill and one bag of books for the library -- not counting the first bag I took them, or the things I've sent to friends/relatives. And this is only the beginning. Oddly enough, I feel much 'lighter' even though they are still in the house. The mental act of 'letting go' is apparently what it's all about.

Some of  you may remember that I've done this before. More than once, actually, although none so thoroughly as late summer of 2004.  I was planning to retire at the end of that year, and planning to go and live/travel on a sailboat. Great idea that I probably would have loved -- but it came with a couple of issues that I never managed to resolve. Primary among those was that I certainly didn't have a sailboat or the money to buy one, so I'd need to become crew/companion for somebody who had a boat but wanted help/companionship. There are plenty of those opportunities out there, but not for women of my age. Most of the old goats sailing alone are just that -- alone for a reason. I made some contacts, but then the second issue kept getting in the way -- I was way up there in Oregon, most of them were way down here in the south, as in Florida or Chesapeake Bay. Anyway -- for all those reasons let's cut to the chase and admit that it clearly never happened. By the time that became obvious, I'd sold lots of small stuff on eBay, some locally, and the rest at a yard sale. All that was left were the basics: an old loveseat, my mattress/frame, maybe a couple of old end tables and the oak book cases (partly shown in above photo), plus an antique dresser and my favorite (most used) kitchen stuff. Even then, I felt light and 'free' from stuff.

But, I moved to Eugene, where I stayed quite happily for 4 years until it became obvious that the city wasn't big enough for both me and a certain friend of mine to live in, and me still have any peace. Turns out the whole state of Oregon wasn't big enough for that -- but that's another story.  Naturally, I began collecting 'stuff' again, most of which is still with me. Like an anchor around my neck.

It feels good to be getting rid of it. I've tossed countless trash bags of paper (from files and various other places, including stacks of Bon Appetit magazines that I never looked at) into recycling. Little by little, the clutter is disappearing.  Some will, of course, go in the car with me. The computer and its accessories, naturally, even the old laptop that I decided to keep as a backup. Clothes, the basic kitchenware I'm not ready to let go of (if I ever do get another apartment, I'll need them, and will probably need them even if I rent a furnished place in Mexico part of the year). Basics. Nothing more. Things I'll need anywhere and wouldn't want to replace.

I have months left to make it happen -- will sell the furniture as time to leave draws nearer, get rid of everything I'm not taking. For now, it's just clutter and small stuff. But it leaves a big impression.

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