Saturday, January 12, 2013

North Carolina in the Spring

Ahhhhhh -- life is almost back to normal! Carbonite finished it's transfer a short while ago, around 7am. Documents, music, photos and such all appear to be where they should be. Quicken works, my photo software works (that was a real question, because it's old and doesn't have an updated version available), Legacy files are there (genealogy) but I had to download the latest version and to open it requires restart, and I don't want to restart right now because there are a couple of things I need to know from Carbonite, when they open their chat service this morning and I don't want to lose the window that has the download info on it. My old Office seems to be working -- I was using it yesterday, another article to look over for Sayalay.

What's missing? Crucial stuff -- like all of my Firefox bookmarks (hundreds, probably!) and all of my email info. It's probably here, somewhere, but I haven't a clue how to find it and get it into the right place. I'm a little nervous because under 'documents and settings' on the download, there's an ominous red warning: "File not Found". Which file? Everything is still on the old computer, so it's not lost, but it was my understanding that these things were recoverable from Carbonite -- it's one of the reasons I wanted it.

On the other hand, once I felt it safe to fool with the computer, I went into the control panel and found out how to have the laptop screen be blank when this one is in use. And to find out a few more things I needed to know. Thankfully, once the old screen was in control, it reverted to its full size -- no more letter box format!

We're due for a lovely day here in the south. It's overcast at the moment and may stay that way, but the temp is due to be around 73, and who knows, the sun may also make an appearance. It was nice to wake up to 65 degrees outside! Been nice for a couple of days, actually. I think I'll go out and do some garden cleanup after my morning workout. The greens bed needs some attention.

That knot in my tummy is almost gone. I can recognize it as fear -- I am terrified of computer issues and it may not go away completely for awhile, until I can feel with some certainty that all is well inside this sweet little machine.

Earlier this week I signed up for two retreats in April at Southern Dharma, in North Carolina. I swore I'd never go there again after my experience last March, but Ayya Sobhana from the hermitage in California is teaching the first one, followed a week later by Sayalay! It will be almost two years by then since I've seen Sayalay, and she'll be returning to Asia probably in the summer, so this will be my last chance to study with her for perhaps years. And, while I adore and respect Ayya Sobhana, Sayalay is my teacher. I know I will want to hug her in happiness and gratitude at being in her presence again, but I also know that's not generally allowed.  I got one of the cabins for Ayya's retreat, which is nice, but I was too late to get one for Sayalay's (they only have two, and registration for 2013 only opened on Monday!), so I got a tent platform, will borrow a tent from my cousin or, if all else fails, buy a cheap one. Anything to avoid the mixed-gender dorm. So, I look forward to some time in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, in the spring. What could be better?

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