Sunday, January 20, 2013

How do you fix a sluggish metabolism?

I guess you can call this a frustration whine.

I've been exercising 6 days per week for almost 3 months now -- first just weights and walking, then for the past month or so, the bike. And before you ask, I'm careful about what I eat. Not perfect, but careful. This past week I was especially careful.  I eat plenty of protein, including soy protein powder after workouts.

This morning was my weekly weigh/measure-in, and it's consistent with what it's been since before this all began! Still!!!!!! The only difference is that since I started this I have gained 5 pounds. I understand the whole 'muscles weighs more than fat' thing, and I expect that's part of it. But what's with not burning off any of this blubber on the body while I'm adding muscle?

I know my metabolism is sluggish -- has been for years, which is what got me into this state of blubber to begin with.I couldn't walk enough back in Brookings to burn it off, stop it from larding on. And I took long hikes or walks on a daily basis. I have thyroid issues, but I take meds for that and don't see how it's a contributory factor. I guess anything's possible.

I'm not going to stop -- eventually, something will surely get the metabolism going again. I just wish I knew what to try that I haven't already tried. I probably need more activity than I'm getting, too -- but I don't know where or how to get it, especially in cold, wet weather. Today is sunny and due to hit around 60, so some gardening is in store, perhaps a leisurely (not workout type) walk.

I must say, my legs are really, really happy to have two days off, after this past week. Upper body stuff tomorrow, back to the bike on Tuesday. Cycling 6 days in a row, sometimes twice a day, was tough on them, but it's all worth it. I can see -- feel -- the improvements in my strength and endurance already, and that, my friends, is where it's at.

Sure would be nice to lose some blubber, though.

Later: OK, I answered my own question with a little intense internet research. Some things are within my power, others may not be (the ever-present sleep issue). But I'm gonna change some things around and see what happens. Stay tuned.

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