Sunday, January 6, 2013

Finally -- a new computer!

Remember a few posts back when I said I was almost sorry I ever heard of Woot? Well, it's struck again. Actually, I was initially referred to Woot by somebody at TalkBaja, a Baja-oriented bulletin board kind of place where I hang out from time to time, for the purpose of getting a good deal on a new computer.  They've offered up a lot of laptops in the months I've been watching, including some very nice but very pricey Macs, but today's offering seems to me to be the best -- and the best bang-for-the-buck -- they've had so far, so I bit.  Maybe it's just the timing. Too many constant annoyances with this one, including this morning -- keeps freezing, is abominably slow even though it has a decently fast processor and isn't using a fraction of its disc space. Annoying. I've also been trying to decide between laptop and desktop, and have wanted a business-class machine for durability. If I end up in Mexico or even Asia, a laptop will be a necessity. If I end up in Asheville, well I'll just have a portable processor.

The monitor and my new USB mouse/keyboard can be attached to this. It even has a docking station outlet, although the station itself is not included. The techie-talkers on the Woot discussion board really like this thing -- and I go to the discussion board on all their computer offerings to see what people who know computers think of them. They don't hesitate to point out even the smallest lacking or issues with anything, and they raved over this one. This, apparently, is HP's top business laptop, built and tested to military standards -- dropping, dust, vibrations, you name it. Not a lightweight -- almost 7 pounds -- but since I'm not a frequent flyer that shouldn't be much of an issue. It has Windows 7, but in reading the specs it looks as if it'll also run XP software, as many of these do. I've done my homework over the past months, just waiting for the right deal to present itself. It has the i5 processor, and while I'd prefer the i7, it's a case where beggars can't be choosers and the i5 isn't slouchy. Only 2.5GHz, compared to the 2.8 in this one. Built in wireless, webcam and microphone. 4G ram compared to the 1G in this computer, 500G hard drive, compared with 2G on this one. Nice toy. And with my Carbonite backup, it'll be a cinch to transfer all my files to the new one. Knowing Woot, I should have it in a few days.

Maybe this buying binge will end now. Actually, it must. I'm poor, remember?

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