Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another Update on Jayne Mansfield's Car Filming!

Update Thursday morning:  Here's a link to the local newspaper showing first day's filming photos.  Here's another with Billy Bob and some fans that also has a link to a video. On the same page with that video, look for another on the sidebar 'Cedartown goes '60s'.  I can't make a link to that one work, but it has great shots of various stores and good interviews.  Rain began in mid-afternoon and has continued all night with no let up in sight for awhile.  Not sure what that'll do to their schedule, but I plan to be down there this afternoon by 1pm to find out!

They start filming tomorrow, go through Friday, so I thought I'd take a walk around town to see what it all looks like.  They're still painting signs and hanging signs and getting things ready, but the city has Main Street closed off in that area so we residents are free to wander around at will, talk to folks, see what's going on.  I saw the city manager, one city commissioner and the streets manager, all of whom I know.  The streets manager gave me a copy of the shooting schedule from the production company.  One of the workers told me that yes, we can watch the filming, said that one particular local store was going to be open and would have the best view of the action, and that whoever was in there when they start shooting will need to (!) stay in there while they shoot.  They won't be shooting constantly -- just for 20 minutes or so at a time. The street will be open except for the actual shooting time.

There's a lot of buzz downtown -- you can feel it in the air.  Here are my pics from the morning.

One tidbit that I picked up from the city commissioner.  That mechanical hobby-horse beneath the brown awning is the original one that sat in front of the dime store that was next to my grandfather's barber shop!  He said he'd ridden it plenty as a kid, and so did I.  Hard to see it here -- can't believe I didn't get a decent photo of it.

Main Street at West Avenue, a couple of weeks ago

The same scene, more or less, today.  They actually did remove those new traffic lights and standards and walk lights, and have worked on the crosswalks.

Moores, a couple of weeks ago.

Moore's today -- with more authentic Rexall colors.

What I thought was going to be a bar is actually a barber.

The far end of the 'set'.

This new local business hadn't had a chance to get signs on the windows, so the movie folks painted it for her, and kept the name.  This is one of the stores that are front-and-center at the intersection.

There was one just like this in my grandfather's barber shop.  Could be the same one.

Takes a lot of power to shoot a movie!
I won't be able to watch tomorrow, unless it's after work, but I can sure wander down there on Thursday and check out the action.  They'll be filming behind the West Theater on Thursday night and IN FRONT of it on Friday night, as well as daytime stuff inside and outside various shops.

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