Saturday, June 11, 2011

My latest project....

Aside from being an eyesore, this old, beat-up medicine cabinet  was placed too high on the wall. I could only see the top half of my head.  For the last year or so I've been thinking of replacing the cabinet with a mirror.

Last week I decided to drive to Cave Spring and check out the antique stores to see if I could find  a decent price on a mirror sized to fit (cover the hole plus extend more toward the sink).  I found this one for $20, and snapped it right up. I wasn't crazy about the frame, but that didn't matter because I had other plans for it anyway.  The mirror is good and has beveled edges, which is nice.

Came home and sanded off the old finish and gold leaf trim, then played with it a bit.  First, I put a wash of leftover blue paint on it and scuffed it up some when it dried, but that looked too white.  So, I put a wash of leftover green paint on it, then scuffed it up some more.  Actually, I did a good bit more after this photo was taken.  I wanted it to look old, and it does.

So, this morning I tackled getting it on the wall.  Naturally, the old cabinet did not come out easily -- the screws holding it in place didn't want to budge and I had to pry the last one out, but I got it out.

This probably isn't necessary, but it can't hurt and it gives me some small sense that it'll keep critters from coming through the hole.

And -- here it is!  Too bad that ugly cord has to be there, but  there is only one electrical outlet in the room and it's too  high for me to reach to plug and unplug, so it stays.  The discerning eye might notice that it's not centered on the vanity, but neither was the original, and the hole had to be covered.  I would have placed it lower on the wall, but again, it barely covers the hole at the top.  Someday, if and when this room ever gets a facelift, all this can be solved.  For now, I'm happy to have a real, usable mirror here.

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