Thursday, December 22, 2016

Chasing time -- something we can all learn from

Well, I have officially survived to witness yet another birthday. As of today, I'm officially a year older. Whoopee! These days, it's just a reminder that I've done well to last this long.

But onto the subject line. I received an email from the founder of Wisdom 2.0, which is something I look forward to every year. I'm going to copy it here, because I think it's something that everyone can use, regardless of age, family status or philosophical beliefs. Enjoy! And while I like all of it, the last paragraph/sentence may be what resonates most with me, because it is SO, SO, true!

While many people look forward to the holidays, with time off work and the chance to see family, for others it is a very challenging time. Discord that exists in families is felt more acutely, and for others they have few people in which to celebrate. 
Ram Dass used to joke, "If you ever think you are enlightened, go spend a week with your family, then let’s talk." 
Holidays can be times of both great ease and also stress, as we hurry around trying to get everything done. 
My son and I were in Union Square at an Artist's Faire in NYC recently, and an Irish man selling items in one booth said to us, "Look around you here ... everyone is chasing time! They are searching for the past or searching for the future. The beauty of life is to be right here, right now."

He then looked at my son directly,
"Don't chase time, young man. You get to the end of your life, then what? You have no more time to chase!" 
As we go about our lives this holiday season, may we remember to not chase time, to enjoy the moments we have, and know that while gifts can be enjoyable what matters most (and what people remember most) is how they feel in our presence. They remember to the extent they felt seen, heard, and loved.
 Soren Gordhamer

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