Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Went for a walk this morning at 32F. Brrrrrr! But I had to get out of the house. Been cooped up inside for too many days. And I was well-dressed for it.

Not a lot of activity out there. Beautiful egret, above. A few herons. Lots of Canadian geese. The usuals. Took a couple of shots of a heron in a tree but somehow they didn't make the memory card.

This guy was on the bank just below me, and didn't seem concerned that I was walking around so nearby. Looks intent upon breakfast, at the moment.

Same guy, just a different viewpoint.

So that's what's happening today. Cold. Due for a dusting of snow tonight and maybe tomorrow. Would like to walk back out there tomorrow, if that happens. Haven't seen the place with snow.

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