Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Worms in the rain

Rains, it seems, bring out the worms. Not a newsflash -- have seen worms crawling the sidewalks after rains many times over the years. But, turns out that they're pretty easy to catch and relocate to my garden while they are crossing the pavement.

Came home from a walk on Sunday and noticed a bunch of them on one particular part of a river-access path nearby. Without a container, I kept them in one hand and picked others up with the other hand. Put them in the garden. Then, after being home awhile, I kept thinking about all those worms and went back armed with a small yogurt cup and some garden soil. Made a big score, that time! I'm guessing I had in total 3-4 dozen worms of all sizes after that.

Lots of good rain overnight again, so I went back this morning. Not as big a haul, but still over a dozen, I'd say. Since it was time to add more kitchen scraps to the garden, I dug down below the soil surface in the one square I've been using for such things, and it was filled with worms. Happy-looking worms. I'd intentionally put them on top of that square knowing they'd have easy access to all the food beneath them. So they were carefully moved aside with the soil and then gently moved back over the new scraps and soil, along with all the new worms. Then, since I'd filled that square, I topped it off with some cardboard and put the heavy planter on top. I have one more empty square but this time I'll dig the hole deeper and wider to start with, so I can hopefully add more scraps than the first one held. I'll keep looking for worms after rain, too. Might as well add to the stash!

The garden 'babies' are growing like gangbusters in this weather. I may need to harvest some of the lettuce leaves soon.

Computer due tomorrow, and none too soon. This one works just fine, but is nothing like a newer one plus this browser isn't great for XP. I think that' where some of the delays come from. But since there's really nothing I can do with it other than online, that's where I need it to work.

Not much to write about, though I do get excited about worms, of all things.

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