Monday, October 17, 2016

Ponds and peacocks

After a weekend of on and off storms, I took advantage of a lull to take a walk after lunch today. This time, because more clouds were edging in from the southwest, I opted for a shorter route along the ponds on the opposite side of the road.

There's a cool viewing platform that I discovered last week, almost right across the street. No wildlife close enough to photography today, but this was the view as I walked back towards the road. I like that it feels like nature back in there, even though it's surrounded by civilization.

From the road, looking back. Not spectacular by any means, but nice to have in the neighborhood. If nothing else, it means fewer big, ugly apartment buildings can go up around here, and that's a very good thing.

From the new bike bridge that crosses the ponds heading east. A good encapsulation of the weather today. Blue skies above, various clouds all around, including those nasty dark ones. More of those were heading up from behind.

The new table in my house. I could lower both sides and make it even more narrow, but there is plenty of room for this and it looks so much nicer. Nice little bargain, this.

It needs some kind of fun and whimsical shawl or other fabric to drape over it, but in the meantime this napkin will do. At least it has colors that I like.

Can't tell from the photo that it needs a little help in the paint department, but it does. If not all over, then at least here and there.

Finally have a place to put this peacock, too. Back in May, when my roommate and I were both moving out of the place in the south hills, I gleaned this from her 'donate' pile of stuff. I don't know its origin, but I love its colorful, whimsical character. I like having it where I can see it.

So that's about it for my day. The clouds have gotten closer as I've been writing this and I wouldn't be surprised to hear thunder in a bit.

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