Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Patience is the best meditation

Alas, life is slow and dull. Whine. I feel as if I'm just treading water, waiting for something more interesting to happen. And in a way, of course, that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm putting many things on hold until I'm able to move into an apartment of my own, hopefully sometime this summer. Life is like that when you have a roommate -- even a good roommate such as mine. I never get past the idea that it's her house, which it is. It colors everything I do, at all hours of the day and night.

I decided I wanted to try making kefir, rather than yogurt, since it's so much easier. I ordered some fresh kefir grains (actually, more like large cottage cheese curds) from Ohio and they arrived today, went right into a jar with a couple of cups of milk. Twenty-four hours later, I should have kefir. Supposedly, I should repeat the process daily -- straining the grains from the kefir then putting them into some fresh milk. That would give me way more kefir than I need or want to drink -- because of calories, of course. I'll see if my roommate is a kefir fan and maybe share some with her, and maybe just store them for a couple of days in between using them. After all, they were mailed Monday from Ohio, arrived here today (Wednesday) and are still fresh and viable. SO much easier than yogurt, with the same benefits, although I do wonder if keeping the grains happy will become demanding.

I got myself a second twitter account today -- think I'm getting obsessed? Actually, all of my "many" (all 25 or so) followers are only interested in the initial subject of the Oregon Ducks, and I've felt constrained often about sending tweets about my other interests. Every time I do that, it seems that one or two followers drop off. Now, I fully realize that I only know one of these people personally and really don't care whether or not they drop off, but still, it's the pull of social media, I suppose. So the new one is for food and politics and whatever else comes into my life.

One thing that does keep the boredom at bay is the fermentation projects. Have had something called kahm yeast on the peppers and threatening on the kraut. It's common, and harmless,  but looks really weird. Had me going for a few days while I learned more about it. Kraut due to be out of the crock on Saturday, then on to more pickles. I learned this week that for maximum probiotic development everything needs at least 3 weeks fermentation, as there are 3 different stages of probiotic development. More flavorful too, hopefully. And the probiotics are what it's all about.

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