Saturday, February 20, 2016

A nice day trip to the coast

A webcam on the coast showed bright, clear sunshine this morning, so we opted to drive over. Unfortunately for the sun aspect, we went south and the sun stayed further north. But, that's ok. We traveled along the Umpqua River Road, which is so scenic, and of course the coast is always beautiful, rain, clouds or sunshine.

I'd run a quick check on fish and chip places in Winchester Bay, where we were headed, and found this sweet little place on TripAdvisor that's actually a floating houseboat, with 4 tables inside. More outside and even a couple of auxiliary buildings with tables, although none of those were in use today since it's not exactly high season for tourism. I loved the atmosphere, the food was super. We both had plates for 'people with smaller appetites' (I was trying to somewhat stay with my calorie count), but by the time we got home, we were both wishing we had ordered the bigger plate. I had fish (local cod) and my friend had oysters (local, from Umpqua Triangle Oysters).

Then, we went on an exploration drive and ended up at a beach. It was chilly and windy, not too conducive for long beach time, but I walked out there long enough to see the beach and take a few pics. Later, I realized I'd been there before. Part of this post on my other blog.

I wasn't in the mood to pick my way through this rather typical logjam to go beyond this, but I was happy just to be this close. I really miss living on the coast!

Keep an eye on that jetty -- it'll show up in the other post from  years ago and another photo here, later. Last time, I walked out it quite a way until the rocks became so rough I didn't dare try to walk them.

Then, we drove up to the Umpqua Lighthouse and stopped to take in the view far below. It was up here that I recognized the beach from the previous trip.

Not a bad view! In the distance, in the center, there are two jetties jutting out at angles to form a triangle. Inside that triangle are oyster beds -- ergo, Umpqua Triangle Oysters! It would be cool to buy some of these fresh one of these days, bring 'em home and cook 'em.

Nice day, despite the lack of expected sunshine.

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