Saturday, January 2, 2016


The purge is underway. My psychological need to stuff my face this time of year is pretty much a thing of the past. Yes, I have a pizza and half a bottle of wine left to go this afternoon, but that's it! And not a moment too soon. I am ready!

When I say purge, I'm not talking about purging the body, although that might not be a bad idea. What I'm purging is my kitchen supplies. This morning (after making a big scone) I dumped the rest of the flour and the rest of the sugar into the garbage. One last ciabatta roll from the freezer followed. And that's about it -- nothing left in this house for me to eat after today except good, healthy, nutritious food. The kind I like best.

Tomorrow the plan is for very little solid food -- which for me, means smoothies filled with fresh fruits and veggies, yogurt, ginger and all kinds of things to help clear all these accumulated toxins from the body. High-enzyme fruits like pineapple and/or papaya (which I can't afford, normally, but which will be useful tomorrow), plus my fermented foods to point the gut back toward health (no kraut or pickles in smoothies, thank you very much).

On Monday, right back on the strict 1200 calorie diet that works for me, and back out in the cold to walk the streets and hills on a daily basis. And looking forward to it.

For today -- the last Duck's Football game of this season. Looking forward to that, too.

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