Monday, July 27, 2015

What's happening with me

In case anybody's wondering, I am alive and well. The depression issues mentioned in the last post have not grown in strength and were relatively mild to begin with -- just something to work on and watch. Besides that, they've faded into the background as my poor old body has suffered an onslaught of digestive issues over the past 10 days or so, starting prior to leaving the forest (but not having anything to do with being in the forest).

Details aren't important. I will say that for the first 5 days or so things were uncomfortable, but that's all. Nothing to worry about. Starting Wednesday evening and really hitting Thursday morning, my whole body seemed to hit 'reject!'.  I haven't had an appetite or desire to prepare food since then, so I've survived on easy-to-eat foods that required no preparation. I stayed in bed for most of 4 days, had trouble sleeping, had no energy, felt nauseous, while my gut and bladder screamed with inflammation and signs of irritation. I did manage to get to the supermarket on Friday, and the library on Saturday, but that's the extent of my efforts.

All systems are well on the way to recovery and I am determined that today I will get out of bed and take care of some stuff, get life back to normal. More or less, anyway. I slept about 4 hours last night, went back to bed after breakfast but realized I wasn't going to sleep and I refused to stay in that bed for another day. So, up and about, taking care of my Quicken and budget stuff. Still a bit nauseous, gut still a bit irritated, but I'm determined to eat something different for lunch. Determined to go for a walk after lunch to shake out the legs a bit. Determined to hit the shower, wash my hair, change clothes, do laundry, all that. I wouldn't mind an afternoon nap, but that's unlikely to happen, too, even if I try.

So that's what's been happening with me. Maybe in a few days I'll come up with something more interesting.

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