Monday, July 13, 2015

Solitude and bare feet on a beach

The day is drawing to a close (or, a close to the time I'll be in the kitchen where the computer is!), and I'll soon be wending my way up the hill to my kuti, with laundry and water (hot and cold) and assorted other items. I'll spend the rest of the day there, hopefully doing something useful.

Yesterday was not fun. I was stressed for unknown reasons, all day, woke up feeling about the same as I generally feel later in the afternoons when my body and mind and brain all kind of shut down. At that point, I'm toast! Today was much better. Peaceful, busy, but pleasant. Weather is more of that chamber-of-commerce sunshine and blue skies, with a light breeze. Lovely!

The upcoming week will be a combination of busy and peaceful. Tomorrow I drive Ayya into Santa Rosa in time for lunch, which means leaving here around 9am. After that, I need to do a lot of grocery shopping (cupboards are somewhat bare here) and return here. I won't be having lunch at the Vihara, as right now I want/need to not be around groups of people, even kind and well-meaning people that I know and love. I'll just drop Ayya off, say hello to everyone and be on my way.

The timing is perfect for me to relish yet another In-N-Out burger for lunch! I had to do a quick change of plans awhile ago from the Santa Rosa location to the Rohnert Park location, since I need to pick up something specific at a market in that area, and will thus do the rest of my shopping at the same place. No worries -- I just had to find where that location was, and it's not far from the market. Lunch first, shopping, home to the coast. I need to stop and walk barefoot on a beach on the way home, too -- if only for a moment.

Wednesday I'm here on my own, no kitchen work other than what I choose to eat for myself. There may be one or two other people here, but neither requires having a meal served. Thursday, back to the Vihara to pick Ayya up after lunch. Sunday she leaves again (all teaching events in the Bay Area) but only wants me to take here to the bus at the highway, then pick her up again on Monday in town after lunch.  It's 100 miles round trip from here to the Vihara, so while it's a pleasant drive, it's not a quick drive.

Time to go 'home' for the day. Hope y'all have a great day/week. Talk later!

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