Saturday, May 16, 2015

This dieting thing....

The most positive thing I've noticed -- and I notice it daily, over and over -- from this dieting thing is how much better I feel! And that's really what it's all about. All that fat missing mostly from the center of my body is noticeable whenever I walk, or move in almost any way. My torso feels looser, more flexible, lighter. Amazingly so. You'd think that would translate into more energy, but somehow it doesn't. It does translate into a certain springiness in my step, and things like my balance have certainly improved, along with my mental attitude. And despite the lack of energy, I really do feel better in every other way.

The fat is moving more slowly now, but that's not surprising. I've always heard that the longer the fat's been in place, the longer it takes to burn it off, and the pounds that are missing are those that have come on over the past 6 years. Those pounds have also come off twice previously -- each of the past two summers at the Hermitage in Jenner -- so in some respect that fat is fairly new. The rest of it, the older stuff, is just going to take awhile. There's still a long way to go, but progress continues and I've accepted the fact that this is how my life is going to have to be for the rest of that life. Not so drastic, after I reach a point where I'm satisfied, but careful. I will not put that fat back on again!

I'll be spending most of July into August at the Hermitage again, and am hoping that place, with all the walking and hills involved, will work its magic once more and get rid of some of the old fat. And no dieting there! It's never been necessary, as it's a vegetarian diet that I can't totally control and there is plenty of exercise. No couch potato existence, to be sure. That's not the reason I'm going, of course, but it's a nice side effect.

Today is a rest day -- I was pooped again yesterday after my morning leg/shoulder workout. Didn't have energy before the workout, but forced it. By afternoon, this body only wanted to lie down in a position where the muscles did as little work as possible. Today is better, but only marginally so.

I've been in the house alone most of the week -- my roomie took the week off work to help a friend who had knee surgery on Tuesday (torn ACL), and she's been staying over there. She's the nicest possible human being and a great roommate, but I have to admit it's nice to once again have autonomy, and to not worry about making noise in the morning (I'm a morning person and she tends to sleep in on weekends and sometimes weekdays).

Been having awful food cravings for a few days -- wanting a big Mexican lunch at a nice place near here that has good food, good atmosphere and good beer. But a few hours perusing calorie counts from Applebees, which was also a contender, as well as other possibilities to scratch this itch, convinced me that would be foolish. And of course, my Buddhist philosophy considers cravings of any kind to be detrimental and leading to suffering, so I eventually also brought that to bear on the situation and let go of those cravings. I'll satisfy the need for something different here in my own kitchen where I can control the calorie count!

Not much else going on here. Dull, I know. What can I say? Sometimes, dull is good.

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