Friday, May 8, 2015


I did myself proud in at the gym this morning!

I've been really lazy in many respects about doing the weight exercises. I always do them, and I've always followed the schedule, worked the muscles that are due to be worked on any given day. But, I've had a tendency to either use lighter weights, or fewer reps, or both, using all kinds of excuses. Particularly on Fridays, when I tend to be tired and can contentedly use the excuses that my legs are plenty strong so I don't need to do these, or my legs already get plenty of exercise -- up and down the stairs here all day, up and down hills. All of that is true, but it doesn't negate the need to do the exercises.

This week, in an effort to boost metabolism (see previous post), I've made myself spend a full 30 minutes on the required exercises, which means much more intensity -- heavier weights, more reps, and being sure to do the full gamut of exercises for those particular muscles. It's worked -- the muscles have felt the fatigue afterwards all week, and some good soreness for a couple of days afterwards. Today seems the worst, though, probably because I haven't been doing these all that much. The quads already don't like walking up or even down the stairs here, and the shoulders are already feeling it, as well. Today is legs and shoulders. Monday is pushing (chest/triceps) and Wednesday is pulling (back/biceps). I can tell that by Sunday, I'll be lucky if I can hobble up and down these stairs!

But it's all good -- and I'll keep it up. All those muscles burn a lot more calories. And even though I haven't been doing as much as I could, I can see and feel new muscles, particularly in biceps and chest. Encouraging!

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