Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Losing weight, Hermitage style

Ratana (Jewel) Kuti
One of the side benefits I hoped to gain from my time in the forest was burning fat off my body. It happened last summer, certainly, but of course with the stress and such of the winter (excuses!) I put it back on, plus some. Tomorrow I will have been here four weeks, so last night I dug out the tape measure (no, not brought for the purpose, merely one of many odds and ends that ended up in my car) and took a reading.

At first glance, the numbers didn't look too encouraging. But this morning, back at the computer and the chart that records these things, I found that I have indeed lost an inch all around. Not enough, but a very good beginning. Now, I hope it continues for the next month, or however long I am here.

After several cold days, today started out with a heavy fog despite forecasts of warmth and sunshine. That fog began lifting very early -- before 7am -- and now we do indeed have sunshine, a good breeze and the promise of warmth later on. Tis a lovely day in the redwoods. Actually, all days in the redwoods are lovely, regardless of weather conditions.

Tomorrow a trip to Santa Rosa, Friday a trip for me into Guerneville to do my laundry. Company (the other two monastics plus another lay person, from the Vihara in Santa Rosa) arriving for the weekend. It will be nice to have Ayya Tathaaloka on the premises, even though I may not see her. Her health keeps her confined to her kuti for the most part, but her wonderful presence will be felt, I'm sure. She is a joy.

So -- no lunch to prepare for two days! I don't mind preparing lunch, but it's nice to have a break. Another woman who lives on this land (the donor) very kindly prepares lunch for us every Wednesday, and tomorrow a supporter in Sebastapol has offered lunch to both of us so that we (she in particular) may eat within the designated time and still make her 12:45pm medical appointment.

So -- other than being cold way beyond the realities of living in the forest, and a whining knee, life is good here.

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