Friday, August 30, 2013

Life is good

Didja think I fell off the face of the earth? For awhile, I kinda thought I had done just that, or was at least on the brink of doing so.

I struggled for the first week and a half -- seriously struggled with energy (lack thereof). We made numerous trips into Santa Rosa, often leaving early in the morning and arriving back late at night. Plus cooking (which I am coming to enjoy more and more) and general life.

But -- a couple of days ago I began to notice that magical moment when the energy was returning, when I no longer needed to crash right after lunch. I knew the moment would come -- it always does, as the body hardens up to meet new physical demands -- but there were days when I wasn't sure I was gonna outlast it.

Having some serious computer (software, thank you very much Microsoft!) issues that threatened (and may still threaten) the ability for the computer to function, hasn't helped. I've never made a secret about how much I dislike techie stuff, and how uncomfortable I am with it. But, I make gains. A couple of downloads this morning that were supposed to help. And disconnecting Word as my email editor. That seemed to be the biggest holdup over the past couple of days, so we'll see what happens in the future. I have over 2 weeks left here, so I need to keep it working. Internet is still slow, but functioning. Only time will tell for the rest.

Life here is good, despite the difficulties. It doesn't hurt that we have had a long spate of hot, sunny days with good breezes. Perfect weather. And it doesn't hurt that the last two afternoons we drove to Windsor (north of Santa Rosa) along the Russian River through some very beautiful and very excellent vineyards and wineries. My heart sings at the vineyards, and my palate resounds at certain winery signs, such as Sonoma-Cutrer. Not sure just what memory that reflected, but it was a good one. Maybe I just know they make a really, really good chardonnay, or maybe my palate remembers just how good it was when I had some.

I'm getting used to handwashing a couple of t-shirts every couple of mornings (I don't have many with me because I expected 'normal' cooler weather). Lunches have mostly been pretty good, if I may say so. Today I fixed what was supposed to be a frittata, but which seemed more like a Spanish omelet to me -- lots of potatoes. I've made lots of frittatas in my day, but never one without an oven, so I had to use my friend Google to learn how to do it on the stovetop. Also fixed some roasted red pepper/garlic salad, which is one of my favorite things. I cook on two big camp stoves, with serious BTUs, and it's fun to roast the peppers right over the flames.

So now it's time to put away the lunch dishes, and turn to bookkeeping. Life is good.


  1. I stumbled across your blog when looking for something to do with Polk County History. It is rare to find a blog that focuses sometimes on places like Esom Hill. Mama had cousins over there. Their names were Grimes and Cox. Billie Sue Grimes Lott still lives very near the Silver Comet Trail when last I heard.

    I was born in East Polk County; we are from about the same era. I skimmed through your genealogy posts and saw a familiar name: Mama's Grandfather married two Isbell women (consecutively of course).

    I look forward to reading more about your part of Polk County once your travels are done. Sometimes I miss red hills.

  2. Thanks for your note, Jean. It's always nice to hear from people who appreciate any small part of this blog. I doubt that there will be any more genealogy posts, but I do have a good sized database on the subject and am always happy to share. I remember the Grimes name from a very long time ago -- but no more than the name. My best friend in the early 50's was Polly Cox, but I don't know her parents names. And yes, those Isbells certainly got around in that part of Polk County! I'd love to know your connection to them, and know if your ggrandfather is actually on my family tree. Send me an email and I'll find out, and let you know.

    If your Mama had cousins in Esom Hill, it's very likely that we are related, if only distantly. My mom was also from Esom, and her family tree includes just about all of the original names of people who settled that region.