Sunday, February 17, 2013


Still no change in the weights and measures department! Makes me wonder what the point of doing all this calorie counting is, and makes me wonder why even bother. I went down a few calories this week -- could that be the problem? I have no clue. Not quite sure where I'm going to go with it from here. The odd thing is, I feel slimmer, and feel as if I can see some differences. All the extra energy I had during the first three weeks is gone, too, although that may be due to lack of sleep (the lack of weight loss could be affected by that, too, but it's a problem I've never been able to solve for more than short periods of time).

On a happier note: yesterday I spent some time looking for Buddhist (Theravadan) monasteries or centers in the southwest, where the weather would be more to my liking. I found a couple of them, but then I hit paydirt with a Burmese place near Austin, Texas. As soon as I entered the site and saw photos of their pagoda and facilities, I was hooked. The pagoda is a smaller scale replica of their pagoda in Burma, tall and gold-domed. I've mentioned here before that I've been wanting to travel to Burma, stay there for awhile. Money and some discomfort with traveling alone to such a place has held me back. Here, I immediately felt as if I were in Burma -- but within driving distance. I've had some correspondence with one of their monks, American-born, and feel really good about the place. Tentatively, I think I will visit in May, perhaps return in July for a retreat by a renowned Burmese master. After these, if all goes well, I can easily see myself willing to reside here, if they are amenable.  I expect it would even be possible to travel to their location in Burma and spend time, at some point. I would not find that uncomfortable at all, since I'd have a known destination.

This is the Sitagu Budda Vihara, very much a Burmese-inspired temple supported by Burmese people both locally and in Burma. This page shows the Austin pagoda and tells its history. Things are still under construction, although much has been completed and all is expected to be completed by summer, when they'll have a grand opening ceremony. This very much appears to be the atmosphere I've been seeking -- and it's in warm weather country.

So that's my very cold Sunday morning. Groggy, glad that it's a rest day from exercise. And glad for some sunshine to keep some of the cold at bay as the day dawns.

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