Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Walking Cemeteries

Met my cousin Susie in Rockmart early this morning and we set off in search of long-dead ancestors at three different cemeteries. Actually, there were ancestors at only two of them -- the third is one I was looking for to help a different cousin.  That was our first stop, and we didn't find them even though I found photos of the headstones online a couple of days ago.

At the second stop, in the community of Wax, we had better luck. Susie actually knew where these were so finding them was easy. I have been to this cemetery twice in search of them, but didn't find them. Looking at the photo, you might wonder why it was so difficult -- but it's actually old and very hard to read. I used a cemetery survey trick I learned from the cemetery preservation group I belonged to, and used plain old sidewalk chalk to highlight the raised areas, making everything nice and clear. These are my great-grandparents on my father's side.

Then, we went to another cemetery I've been to a couple of times before and neither of us had any luck in finding anyone. But, this is an old cemetery and there are a lot of unmarked graves, so that may well be our problem. Since it was a weekday, we went to the church and Susie got a phone number of the person who has all the old cemetery records. We'll see what comes of that.

And then we headed on into Rome just because we were close, had lunch, returned to Rockmart and I came on home. And I'm pooped, but it was a good morning and I was glad to spend time with Susie and to find at least one grave.

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  1. I buried my father at Rosecrans Veterans Cemetery, Point Loma, California in 1964 and have never been back....