Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some cemetery success

Kind of hard to read, which is why I was always confused by this stone marker. The only Mrs. J.H. Perry that made any sense was Lucinda Perry, wife of James Hood Perry, my other great-grandparents on my dad's side. I took this photo two years ago when I first found it. Yesterday, I used the chalk technique but that didn't help a lot other than making us think the death date might be 1931 instead of 1881, which is how I'd read it previously. The timing just wasn't right for Lucinda.

But, Susie's contact at the church called her last night and confirmed that according to their records this is indeed Lucinda, who died in 1931, and that there are two unmarked graves beside her. One of those is her husband, James Hood Perry, and while the other was unknown to them, it's most likely James Perry's mother, Martha Caroline Perry who is also supposed to be buried here. So -- one more mystery solved. And solving mysteries is what genealogy is all about.

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