Saturday, September 17, 2011

Random moments...

Isn't it funny how random moments can set you off on a tangent? Well, I had one of those random moments this morning while I was doing my daily crossword puzzle on MSNBC. The answer was 'quiche lorraine', and it came to me with rather amazing speed, considering how prone I am to not even try to fill in long words unless I have some letters to offer more clues. This was an utter blank page, but it touched some weird thing inside that said "yum, I want some."  I found a recipe, added the ingredients to my shopping list but found that an hour or so later it didn't seem that interesting. As luck would have it, I was hungry at the grocery store and it sounded really, really good.

I'm not sure I've ever made Quiche Lorraine before, although I do get some faint little memory whispers that say I probably did.  Once.  A very long time ago. I've made other quiches, but not the quintessential Lorraine, with the bacon (the real thing) and swiss cheese, and not for a very long time. It was also a good opportunity to use the nice red and white pie plate that was a holiday gift from Hartwicks when I worked there 4 or 5 years ago.

I was going to put it off until tomorrow, since I also had a potato salad to make this afternoon. But --- that urge just wouldn't go away and I had the time, so voila! This is dinner, and it was pretty darned tasty. The potato salad wasn't quite as good as I remembered it from Bhavana, but I'm thinking it was operator trouble along with tampering with the recipe at both ends.  It's still pretty good, worth spending most of the afternoon in the kitchen.

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