Saturday, August 27, 2011

What kind of butterfly is this?

I have an answer: I think it's the Great Spangled Fritillary. North Georgia is the southern limit of its territory, and while I've found lots of photos now that I have a name, and while the outside of the wings match, none of the photos I've found show the exact colors of the inside of the wings. There does seem to be quite a variety of colors possible, however, so until I'm corrected, I'm going with the outside markings.

Whatever this fella is, it's been at the echinecea literally all day. It's a good sized butterfly, -- that's a big blossom. Really beautiful when it flits around and you can see the wings.  Soft browns and yellows. I haven't been able to find anything like it on Google. It's times like this when I actually like this camera.  Full 24x zoom from my back porch about 20 feet away, and it managed an almost perfect focus.

Best shot I could get with the wings extended. And then the battery died on the camera. The brown and even the yellow are much lighter than they appear here, because it's in the shadows. Gorgeous bug, whatever it is!

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