Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mixed Blessings

We have sunshine again at last, with the promise of above-freezing temps for the next week! Spring is about to spring, I think.

There've been a few changes around here this past week, and one on-going saga that has yet to be resolved.

In anticipation of staying at the monastery, even for the 6-day retreat in August, I've tried changing my eating schedule to meet theirs.  Theravadan Buddhists do not eat evening meals -- not even snacks, unless there is a medical reason.  I've done this before at other retreats and it isn't an issue, but for some reason I wanted to see what happened if I went ahead and tried to live this way.  Surprisingly, I like it!  I think the biggest motivation for me is that I don't have to think about or prepare an evening meal, and I didn't expect that, since I like to cook.  But, after work and even on the weekends, this has lifted a burden.  Takes a little more effort to prepare and take a larger meal to work for lunch, but not all that much.  And, I haven't completely let go in the evening.  I still have a glass of warm milk before bed, but will eventually let this go if my blood sugar will allow it.  So, that's the big change.  I'm not switching to pure vegetarianism, however.

Another change that sounds smaller but is perhaps truly larger is that through my efforts back to meditation and mindfulness, I have begun to regain the peace that comes with this practice.  More study, more meditation, more mindfulness.  And I'm reaping the benefits (as do others who encounter me).

The on-going saga is that my roof needs to be replaced, sooner than I expected.  I've been talking to roofers and others for a couple of weeks now, and have pretty much learned what I want.  Now, I just need the $$ to make it happen, and settle upon a contractor.  I'm going with metal, for any number of reasons: it's more environmentally sound, it reflects sun and heat in the summer to keep the house cooler, it's lighter in weight than shingles, and so on.  We happen to have a really good manufacturer of metal roofing right here in Cedartown, so it's all local.

Roasted veggies -- a treat for the senses.  Look great, smell great, taste great.  Sweet potato, garlic, red onion, mushrooms, asparagus, red bell pepper, yellow squash and probably some things I've forgotten.  Yum.

Right now, I have a big pan of mixed veggies roasting in the oven as part of lunch. The aroma is wonderful! After that, I need to blend up about a gallon of veggie peelings and cast-offs to go into one of the new garden beds as a quicker form of compost, something to feed the critters out there. And after that?  Maybe a walk, maybe some laziness.

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