Friday, February 18, 2011

I told you sugar would be the first to get me!

Not to mention chocolate.  For you who don't know, I went cold turkey off sugar, coffee and alcohol at the beginning of the year -- supposedly for one month but after that month was up I'd lost the habit of all, so I opted to keep on keeping on. 

And I was fine as long as I had neither sugar nor chocolate in the house.  Bought some last weekend to make brownies for the boys at work.  It's no secret to me that having the stuff in the house makes me want it, but until tonight, I hadn't had a craving.  That container is a tiny souffle dish, about 1 cup -- so it's not much.  Seriously, ask me how you make one cake that small. :)  The fact that I can do it easily merely illustrates the experience I've had with such things. Not really flattering.

Tomorrow, off to almost-Atlanta for a four-hour meditation retreat. And a stop at Harry's Farmer's Market afterward for some Nancy's Yogurt.  Yum.

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