Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Window At Last -- and a Little Neighborhood Excitement

At last, I have a window!  It fits, it goes up and down from the top and bottom, and it locks.  Guess that's about all you can ask of it.  I never thought to paint the little strip of wood at the top, so that will have to be done, and there'll be a little more touch-up once the stop trim goes in, so I'll do it all at once. But, this is certainly going to keep the cold air out.  The side pieces are odd -- they were hard to 'snap' into place on the brackets, and at least one of them keeps popping off.  I'm going to call the Jeld-Wen customer service tomorrow to ask about that.  The top sash is a little hard for me to move, but doable, certainly, and I won't need to worry about that until next summer anyway.  I've peeled the film and stickers off the inside, but will have to wait to do the outside until the storm window comes off, which should be next week.  They didn't have time to deal with it today, and it wasn't crucial.  They got the window in and the heater lighted, and those were the main things.

See, it works!

While we were in the back room working on the window, another drama was unfolding in front of my house.  As we went back into the living room I looked out and saw this big coach stopped.  Apparently, they'd tried to turn this behemoth into the little street that intersects my street, and it wouldn't make the turn.  Duh!  I don't think it would have taken a rocket scientist to figure that out!  As we watched, they started it up and carefully back-tracked the way they'd come, and our attention went to my heater. Then -- one of the handymen went outside and saw that this thing had apparently bottomed out in a driveway down at the other end of the street and was stuck.  I'm not sure what driveway it was, probably that patch of concrete to the right of the coach.  We couldn't figure out why he'd tried to pull into that narrow driveway anyway.  Clearly, he wanted to turn around, but there's a small shopping center with a big parking lot just another driveway down from where he'd pulled in.

I didn't have the camera outside at first, but what they did was hook a chain or something to the back of this pickup and the back of the coach, and between the pickup pulling and the coach presumably in reverse, they got it unstuck and into the position shown in the first photo.  Eventually, they backed it all the way out into the main drag, with someone flagging traffic, and it went on its merry way.  What we couldn't figure out is what this thing was doing in this neighborhood in the first place.  That coach cost more than any four or five houses around here put together. Wonder if it was a case of GPS run amok?  I've heard tales of people ending up in very strange places while following GPS.  We all felt sorry for the people who owned it -- although we certainly didn't mind giggling and offering up opinions.  Half the neighborhood was out watching -- the last thing this interesting that came down this street was the moving van that moved me in.  All the little Mexican kids were fascinated by that, too. Not a lot ever happens around here, which is a good thing.

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  1. ..the window looks good as does the casing. Winters coming.