Sunday, May 28, 2017

Basking turtles and baby waterfowl

Nothing special going on today, but the sun emerged after a morning of overcast, I needed a walk and the river called. On the way, passing this pond full of wildlife, I spotted the basking turtles and the proud mama duck and her babes. I don't think it's actually a duck, perhaps a merganser? But my knowledge of swimming fowls is rather limited.

Nice to see the river running full and blue-green, rather than the dull brown of rainy winter months.

A nice look back upriver before I needed to turn toward home, away from the water. Nice walk.


  1. Looks like a lovely place to walk, especially when you find turtles and wood ducks: here's a link about them, they're pretty special ducks.


  2. Hi Jane,

    A wood duck! I think that hooded head threw me off ducks. Thanks for the article, they are pretty special -- nesting off the ground.

    It is a really cool place, and the coolest place is that it's right in town, a 10 minute walk from home, if that much. The closest ponds are right across the street, and are always full of geese and ducks and other such, including herons. There are some beavers at the closest point, too, though I haven't seen them. People who do see them say you have to be there right around sunset, and by then I'm settled at home with a glass of wine. Otters and other pond critters, too.

    Good to hear from you...