Friday, October 23, 2015

Thailand travel dreams

I've been without internet for a couple of days, and it wasn't fun! It's amazing how much of my life is taken up this way. I use it for radio, for TV shows that I've missed, for news, and for the silliness of this blog and twitter. My roommate, bless her scattered little brain, had neglected to pay the bill so the account was blocked. And it took her 2 days to get around to fixing it.  Ah -- how much I look forward to having my own place where I can control such things. Interestingly enough (to me, anyway) is how quickly I lose interest in some of the things I consider so 'important'. At the library yesterday, and a coffee shop this morning, I learned quickly what my priorities were, and had little interest in the rest.

Speaking of having my own place -- it's getting closer, but still looks as if it'll be early next summer at the soonest before an apartment will come available. That brings me to some plans I made last week when I should have been meditating. Trust me, many plans get made during retreats when one should be meditating, and I'm far from the only one. I heard great stories after this one about other people's plans. For me, they generally fizzle after a day or so, and this one did too until the internet debacle (and some other things) made me question whether or not I want to continue living here for that long. So -- at least for the moment, it's back in the forefront.

It's no secret that I've longed to travel to Thailand and surrounding countries. Various things have held me back -- airfare, fear of things like potential illness coming up away from my health insurance area (at my age, this is not an unreasonable fear!). Staying 3-4 months would amortize the airfare, staying a few more months would let me save some money, which would be nice. So I'm back to thinking about heading out until an apartment is available. Oddly enough, even airfares to Thailand are much higher before the holidays than afterward, so it doesn't make much sense to think of leaving before the end of Dec or early Jan.  And then there's the passport thing -- mine is expired, and it takes time to get a new one. So I'm still a little ambivalent, but taking a good hard look at the idea. We'll see! This idea will probably fizzle, too. But I gotta do something.

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