Saturday, September 26, 2015

The beautiful and bountiful Oregon Coast

It's a beautiful day on the Oregon Coast! Just thought I'd share this webcam view with you, from Yaquina Lighthouse near Newport, Oregon. For those of you who wonder why I live 'way up here in the north.' 'Cause it's beautiful!

Not much going on. Late football game, so I'm whiling away a long morning (awake at 3am, up at 5am) until time to leave to catch a bus to take me to town, where I plan to enjoy some good fish&chips (using cod caught on the Oregon Coast) before doing some walking errands. Don't know if I'll do as much as I planned -- my eyelids are drooping, wanting sleep, and the body overall feels like it has a hangover, even though the last alcohol I had was one beer last Sunday. So don't know how much energy I'll have for walking. Even the minimum (to the fish&chips shop from the bus stop, and from there to another bus stop) will be plenty. The side trips remain in question, but are not urgent.

Maybe I'll get a nap before the game starts at 5:30. One can hope!

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