Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Not quite the Caribbean, but....

I am so enjoying this warm, balmy weather we are having! It'll be in the high 90s by the weekend for awhile, but I don't think it'll be too awful in this room. One can hope, anyway! Lots of shade, and the top floor gets all the heat from the sun. Better than being cold, any day!

I'm torn and indecisive about this newest diet tweak. On one hand, it seems to be accomplishing what it's designed to accomplish, which is good. On the other hand, it's filling me up a lot more (more than is comfortable) and I end up feeling uncomfortably full in the afternoons and evenings. And with the required evening (late afternoon in my case) food portions, it still feels like just too much food, even though the calories are fairly minimal.

Not to mention that the weight loss has slowed down. Not going up, which is also good, but no real action on that front. I feel fatter and heavier, with all this food in my gut, and I don't like that. So -- for now I'm staying with the tweak, but it's really tempting to just cut out the evening food additions. But, they are the crucial part of the whole thing, so I'd be defeating the purpose to do that.

What to do, what to do. Alas. No matter what I decide, once I leave for California, and probably for a couple of days before that, the diet will all be a forgotten thing anyway.

It's quiet out here, in my life, or I'd talk about something more interesting. The new book I picked up at the library today, King John and the Road to Magna Carta?  No? I didn't think so. Not everyone's choice for reading material. But, I'm supposed to descend from this dude, although I haven't found data to confirm that, and I'm pretty comfortable (with the help of solid sources online, rather than other people's genealogy research) that I am descended from his sister and their illustrious parents, so 800 years later this is family, in a sense. Plus, I love the history of old England.

I've had all this really old genealogy research for years, done by another researcher, but until today had not tried to confirm the descent. The sister, Eleanor, is very well-documented, but the descent from John is via one of his numerous mistresses, which is not so well documented!

Am I reading it yet? Not so much at the moment, although I started it and think I'll enjoy. Too tied up watching Caribbean Life on HGTV. If I can't move to a warm beach, I can at least watch other folks look for property on all these islands, and enjoy them that way.

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