Thursday, July 3, 2014

A change of scenery

So, anybody been wondering what's happened to me? I'm pleased to report that I am alive and well, but I had a major change of scenery and duties on Sunday and am just now catching my breath long enough to put a few words together. Not together well -- but together.

Partial view from back patio. This is indicative of all around, although there are cows, horses, llamas and goats as well as vineyards! This is pretty much the view from where I sit to eat lunch, although this year everything is much browner and drier. This was taken last year.

I volunteered a few weeks back to take the steward's job at the Vihara in Santa Rosa for the month of July, and I did this for several reasons. One, my body was tired of life in the rough (although wouldn't you know that my last week out there it finally got some strength and energy!), and two, I really wanted to spend some time with these two remarkable women who live here.

It's not easy -- there's a special diet involved which takes a lot of time, but it is so worthwhile, and I'm getting better at it, and more confident. And there are other physical duties (neither of them has great health at the moment, so I try to keep them from doing things that don't seem reasonable for them).

However -- I love being here. It's a beautiful place, not far from shopping, way out in the country, gorgeous scenic views, wonderful people. What's not to like about that?

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