Friday, March 21, 2014

Amazing what a Corolla trunk will hold....

Did a trial run in the car this morning, and all this plus a few more of the small boxes (top right, open flaps) and miscellaneous other small things in nooks and crannies, will fit.And this is the main stuff that I want to go in the car, so that's a good thing. All my kitchen appliances and cookware (heavy, breakable stuff), books and such. I drew a diagram so I wouldn't forget how I got it all in there!

Everything else is lighter, unbreakable, more suitable for Greyhound.

Little by little, things are making their way out of the house, either selling, giving to my neighbor, or tossing. Have some interest in one of the antiques -- an offer which I'm holding and hoping for a better offer. Sure would be happy to see more interest in the rest of it. Plan to hold my prices (lowered a couple of times already) through next week, then bump them much lower when I return from my travels, since I won't have much time left to dawdle by then.

At that point, I'll need to get ready for a planned yard sale on the 18th and 19th of April, still planning to leave on or around May 1st, depending upon when my driving companion arrives. Plus, I want to ship a load off to Oregon around the 15th of April, via Greyhound, so that'll have to fall into place quickly, too. It's all started, just waiting to the very last minute so I can use everything until then.

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