Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Home again...

I think this is the longest I've been gone from home in one stretch in many a long year.  I have to tell you, it feels really, really good to be home in this funky little house in its funky neighborhood.

I had a great time, really glad I went, and I finally made it to BEAUFORT, and fell just as much in love with reality as I have been for so many years with a romanticized idea (thanks to Pat Conroy, Anne Rivers Siddons and Lew Decker). I would move there tomorrow, given the opportunity. Photos and details to come!

But -- I left the center in Jesup today just before noon, arrived home about six hours later after only two quick stops. I was exhausted when I left there, and while my body is all keyed up from the drive, I'm pooped. I made the requisite stop at Kroger for the requisites of life: rotisserie chicken, milk, and red wine. All else can wait until tomorrow. Or the next day.

Glad to see that the relentless heat of summer has fled and the wonderful temperate days/nights of fall are with us. Oddly enough, south Georgia was actually very pleasant, aside from the mosquitoes. I'd expected higher heat, higher humidity. I loved the stars and milky way as I walked to the dhamma hall each evening at 9pm for the server's meeting. And the crescent moon and stars each morning as I walked to the kitchen.

On my second glass of red in an effort to help the body chill. So far, not much is happening in that regard.

Stories and photos [of Beaufort] to come. Stay tuned.

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