Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yesterday I signed up for a metta retreat at Southern Dharma Center, in North Carolina, for 5 days in late March.  I did this for several reasons -- first, the teacher, Ayya Sobhana is the founding prioress at Aranya Bodhi, the new Hermitage in California. She also lived at Bhavana Society since 1989 learning from Bhante G, so I know I'll get a continuity in teaching that I want, plus I'd like to talk with her about the Hermitage.  I've always wanted to do a metta (lovingkindness) retreat, and the way she teaches this is somewhat unique and should be a perfect addition to my practice.  Southern Dharma is owned by the same folks who own the NOC, which I wrote about so lovingly a month or so ago. I've heard nothing but great reviews from people I know who have been there, and I'm sure it's done just as well as the NOC.  And it's a lot closer than Bhavana!

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