Thursday, May 5, 2011

We're gonna be in pictures....

Just heard on the local radio that a movie called "Jayne Mansfield's Car" will be filmed downtown for a couple of days in June.  It stars Billy Bob Thornton, Robert Duvall and Dennis Quaid, plus others who were unnamed.  Billy Bob and his producer were in town last week checking us out, talking to local shopkeepers.  They'll obviously be filming other places too, with only a couple of days scheduled here.  Maybe Robert Duvall liked filming in Georgia for "Get Low".

Probably won't be a fun movie (are Billy Bob's movies ever fun?).  Jayne Mansfield was killed in an auto accident in a southern state, Louisiana I think. Decapitated.  I remember it clearly. I expect graphic detail and normally would not go see it, but how can I resist?

The back room looks good, aside from two new, deep gouges in the wood inflicted around 4am when I hauled a big exhaust fan into the room and plunked it in a window.  I know this fan is powerful and needs to be held in place by the window sash, and I thought it was, but when I turned away to open the other window, it crashed to the floor -- still running.  Oh, well.  He said people pay him to make holes in new wood so it looks old, so I guess I saved a few bucks.  It won't show or hurt anything.  All my plans for a trip to HD dissolved, since I didn't get much sleep and decided that my body needs a rest day today.  I'm pooped.  Been a long week, and even longer since I took a day to rest this old body.

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