Saturday, March 19, 2011

Goodbye, sweet baby...

I kinda got tired, so when I rolled off the cushion I decided to take a nap.

She made a toy of anything and everything.  We should all see the world through the eyes of a kitten!

Day one.  Man, am I bushed!  I have a full belly, mom gave me a bath (ugh!) because she said I had fleas, then I just collapsed for some much-needed sleep.  Last night all alone outside wasn't much fun.
Her absolute favorite toy was the printer.  Anytime she'd hear it start up, she'd run in and watch the cartridge moving back and forth.  She grew out of the stage when she could actually fit inside like this!
A little nap time in mamma's lap.
Sleep comes wherever you are whenever you need it.  I love that little pink tongue sticking out!
She brought a lot of joy into this house and this heart while she was here. She was also a royal pain in the ass, but I'm going to miss her anyway.

I know, I'm carrying on like she was dead, but she merely has moved to a new home with really good people who live out in the country where she can run and play and chase butterflies and mice and be safe.  They picked her up today.  I had a storm of tears last night, but now that she's gone and I have my house and peace and quiet back, I have no regrets.'s hard to say goodbye to a buddy.

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